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The Complete Party Experience

Standard Terms and Conditions

1. In the event of The Complete Party Experience agreeing to be paid a percentage of the admission money, the BOOKER must provide The Complete Party Experience, or their representative with a written statement of the full details of ticket numbers, admission prices, the number of patrons and also provide full facilities for the checking of the same.

2. In the event of the BOOKER wishing to cancel a booking, any deposit that has been paid will be forfeited. If cancellation is made within 21 days of the performance date, The Complete Party Experience will apply for full payment of the fee.

3. Whilst the artiste will use their best endeavours to attend the function, or provide an alternative artiste to give satisfactory performance; should the artiste be prevented from doing so, for any reason outside its control, (including sickness, equipment failure or mechanical breakdown), The Complete Party Experience shall not incur any liability for its non-appearance.

4. Licenses for the performance of recorded music are only required at public events. In most cases, private parties, wedding receptions, etc do not require such a license. However it is the BOOKER’S responsibility to ascertain whether or not a license is required, and it is entirely his/her responsibility to obtain such licenses. Should the artiste be prevented from performing, due to the failure of the BOOKER to obtain any appropriate license, or similar permission, or should the performance be cancelled for any reason OTHER than that covered in clause 3 above, then the provisions relating to cancellations, as set out in clause 2 above shall be deemed applicable.

5. Where The Complete Party Experience is booked on a residency or regular basis at a place or places of entertainment, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be subject to individual arrangements to be agreed upon both sides beforehand.

6. The BOOKER will allow the artiste adequate setting up time, prior to the performance, and sufficient time afterwards to dismantle and remove the equipment from the venue. If, at the request or instruction of the BOOKER, the equipment and/or recorded music is to be left at the venue, the BOOKER will be liable for any loss or damage, however caused during such time as that equipment/recorded music is at the venue.

7. Should the equipment be left at the venue, as in clause 6 above, and should circumstances arise preventing the artiste from gaining access to the venue, in order to remove the equipment, at a mutually agreed time, through no fault of the artiste then the BOOKER will be liable for additional expenses to cover further appointments to effect
Standard Terms and Conditions cont.

removal. Furthermore, if the artiste is prevented from carrying out other engagements due to being unable to collect equipment, the BOOKER will be liable to any expenses, or loss of earnings thus incurred.

8. The BOOKER will provide adequate supervision of all guests and/or customers and/or staff at the venue and will be liable for any loss or damage to the equipment, caused by guests, customers or staff.

9. The BOOKER warrants that he/she is entitled to use the venue for the purposes of the event and performance.

10. Where possible, in places of public entertainment, the BOOKER will provide a lockable dressing room where the artiste may rest or change, prior to, during or after the performance.

11. The Complete Party Experience personnel will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout their attendance at the venue and will respond to the BOOKER’S requests as to volume levels, siting of equipment, use of special effects and/or any other reasonable requests.

12. Where applicable, the BOOKER will permit The Complete Party Experience to display advertising material at the venue, prior to and or/during the performance.

13. The Complete Party Experience  personnel shall in no way be liable for any breach of laws, bye-laws or conditions under which any premises or property are leased, hired or entrusted to the BOOKER. The Complete Party Experience  will not be responsible for any limitations imposed by any form of sound limiting equipment that may be installed.

14. The artiste shall expect reasonable access to properly earthed mains electricity supply of sufficient kilowatt rating to allow usage of the required equipment for the performance. If in the opinion of the artiste, the power supply is inadequate, the artiste may reduce the amount of equipment accordingly, without prior consultation with the BOOKER.

15. The BOOKER indemnifies The Complete Party Experience  for any non-related damages in the event of accidents to members of the public or property during the performance and during pre-show and post-show periods not associated with show production.

16. performer is covered with £5m of public liability insurance.

17. All special effects used during the performance are environmentally safe, are non-toxic and will not stain.

18 The Booker shall reserve the parking space nearest  to the hall, No parking no show

19 No working outside unless agreed and stated in the confirmation letter